breakfast or brunch with a view

It’s Summer, it’s hot and after isolated for long time we all want to get back to normal, it’s been a year and half now in COVID, some got back to the normal and didn’t care for the virus and others still afraid of it and some like me and you try to get back to the normal step by step.

First, how are you all my favorite people? How are you doing? today I won’t talk about motivation or anything like that, but I’ll take you in a journey to some place on my list for the best breakfast and brunch in Cairo-Egypt…

Grab your coffee or tea or maybe some iced drink you prefer in this hot summer; or let’s go together and drink something good at those places I’ll tell you about… ❤

It’s the Summer and exams will finish soon, some already finished it and vacation began; you don’t know where to go and where to have good time!

Are you planning to visit Egypt or are you already live here and want some ideas to spend sometime with family and loved ones and friends; then come with me to give you some ideas; some delicious ideas 😉

I’m not an early bird but I love breakfast and brunch so much; that’s why every time I want to try new places and new menus; even in home I try new recipes and for me food is something to enjoy and appreciate also drinks; they are like art; delicious and enjoyable…

Are you an early bird or not? traveler or not? we all love food by way or another! so let’s go and meet my favorite places to have a wonderful time and delicious menu..

Lily’s (classic elegant date)

photo: shoot by me

Did you watch breakfast at Tiffany? or remember those pics from old elegant restaurants; those when people go to wearing suites and dresses; fine tables and amazing menu; wonderful stuff, polite and the view is just what you need in this days we live, far from noise and fresh air.

It became my 1st on the list, it’s at Walk of Cairo; on my favorite places to have a walk or get your kids to enjoy some wonderful time or are you in love and want to enjoy time with your date, yeah I advice you to go there; I won’t talk now about WOC because I’m planning another blog content for it…

Now back to Lily’s, it’s an amazing restaurant with delicious menu to choose your favorite from it; but an advice if you go there, choose “Lily’s Formula” it has all and it’s for two; and believe me you gonna fall in love with it.

But if you’re like me and love to try different dishes then go for it 😉 😀

Breakfast is till 12 pm; then you can choose from lunch and dinner menu which is another delicious menu… ❤

Eish w Malh (Italy blended with Egypt)

Photo : shoot by me

Are you an Italian cuisine lover; oh babe, yeah, I can understand you; I’m a huge lover for the Italian Cuisine; so let me take you to Downtown, where you’ll fine a beautiful restaurant with a view of the the old downtown; it opened in 2014.

An Italian restaurant where you can taste an amazing menu and music from different cultures like Jazz; live music and wonderful food, so isn’t that a good idea to fall in love or take your loved ones to enjoy sometime. 😉 ❤

If you asked me about my favorite in their menu I’ll tell you go for the Pizza babe, try it all and the pasta, oh my I’m so hungry now 😀 😀

Ovio (taste of love)

photo: shoot by me

Are you in love? with Food? are you from those people who love to try new things and know the culture with food and drinks? Are you hungry now? 😀

Yeah, I know; let’s go to Ovio, another one on my favorite list; I love it so much, but my favorite is in Galleria-Shiekh Zayed; it’s amazing and nice stuff with awesome menu; my favorite there is the pancakes ❤ you won’t forget its taste after having it… ❤

Also they do some amazing things in seasons, like Christmas, they made a tree of chocolate and in last February and March, they did a menu to celebrate chocolate and yeah, it was so so delicious and astonishing… ❤

Beano’s (the café you’ll never get enough of)

You want something in budget and tasty, come with me to one of my favorites, Beano’s; I love it and love to have my brunch on it because they have breakfast menu all day; also there’s another menu of the salads and other delicious things; also the pancakes there are from the best; if you love the Lotus then you’ll have what you desire…

I never forget the coffee of course; my favorite there is Mocha ❤

Caracas (Lebanon love)

photo: shoot by me

You’re from Lebanese cuisine lovers then I’ll take you to the best in Egypt, Villa Caracas, my fav. and the best Lebanese restaurant ever; after tasting their breathtaking menu I fall in love with every time and my fav one is the one in Mall of Arabia; wonderful stuff and the sun light comes through the white windows, the trees inside that makes you feel that you have your meal in the nature; far from noise and the busy life.

I love having coffee with almost every meal, but breakfast in Caracas means coffee, juice, and any choice you prefer from the menu; my fav, is Eggs with Turkey and Hummus with falafel; tasty and amazing to try if it’s your first time there.

If not then you know what I mean by Lebanon Love ❤ 😉

DD (Dunkin Donuts a sweat tale)

If you’re in the mood of some sweet tasty donuts, then you can go to the best in the city; I never loved donuts before but after tasting his donuts I fell in love with it…

Some Donuts with coffee or maybe iced coffee in a hot day; yeah, what’s better than that? 😀 ❤ not expensive and have a lot of delicious donuts with a huge choice of the tastes you love; also have sandwiches and an amazing coffee ❤

We come to the end for today, but that’s not mean that I don’t have more to tell you and to more ideas and places to go; soon I’ll give you some of our tradition astonishing places to taste our food and know how breathtaking it is; till then I love you all and thanks for being here supporting me; thanks for passing by and don’t forget to smile always and be happy and never give up… ❤ XO XO


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