The daily brew #22

Hello everyone, how are you? So yesterday I knew about “bloganuary” it’s about writing prompts, everyday in January will give you a word or something to write about.

I love that kind of things, it’s like encouraging you to write or in other cases helps you to work on things you love; it boost up your creativity and challenges you.

Oh, before we keep going don’t forget our coffee or any drink warm you up in this winter days. ❤

Without any further ado, let’s grab our drinks and enjoy a little talk together…

We all have something that motivates us by way or another, we all have those words that boost up our energy and help us through tough time.

What are those words about? Some might find quotes about traveling very motivational or about life or about love or a movie quote or a song lyrics and the examples list is so long…

For me, there’s one quote that I love ghe most and it helped me through a lot of things I faced in my life and still facing it. Someone like me love quotes and has their own quotes, might not prefer one over another.

But this one is special and very important in my life…

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, and Today is gift; that’s why we call it the present.

Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote is generally about life, about time, about wasting of our lives regret the past and worry about the future…

I know we made a lot of mistakes that we sometimes wish to go back and undone it, but let’s go on a little trip to imagine if we can change the past! Is that will make a difference? Is that what we want? Why we can’t see our mistakes as lessons and situations that made us stronger, made us grow old to be wiser and to learn from it to change ourselves to become better versions.

We all plan to our future and the perfect life we want to live, but sometimes we go out of the track or the destiny changes things for us; so we feel angry and bad and sometimes we give up, why? Maybe those changes are in our favor and helps us to have that lives we dream about more beautiful than we imagined…

Regretting the past, and worrying about the future make us waste the present moment we live now, let me rephrase it, the past you regret is actually the present moments you wasted, the future you’re worrying about will be the present you waste more to keep worrying.

So if you think about it, it makes sense now, doesn’t it? Yeah, sure plan for your better future, for the life you want, for the dreams you want to fulfill, and for the goals you have. Learn from the past, change it in your present.

Also, live your now, enjoy it with every second, don’t let a bad moment or a thought or a negative to effect your day, your now, your present. It’s a gift to live our present, stop wasting it…

Live, love, laugh and one more thing wonder, go with the life, let surprise you, stop fighting sometimes all what you have to do is to surrender and see what will happen next…

Thank you all for having time to be here with me, to read this and thanks for encouraging me and be with me. Thanks for following or passing by, love you all and till the next time, stay safe, smile and never give up…😘❤


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  1. This is a beautiful interpretation of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote. Focus on making the present better.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your like and comment ❤❤🙏


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