The daily brew #23

Hello, everyone; how are you? Here we are back to our daily fresh brew 😀 so let’s have our coffee and go have a beautiful date night.

If you don’t love coffee or prefer any other drink, let’s grab ours and chat together for a little bit.

We all hear this quote; ” what not kills you, makes you stronger.” And when we hear this, we think how it makes us stronger!

It makes us stronger by learning the lesson behind that paint, behind that situation, it gives us experience to know how to deal with same situations or almost same ones…

When you ask yourself this, what makes you strong? For me I asked this to myself a lot and the same answer hit me everytime; what makes me strong or feel strong is the past; our pasts are the scars we live with, the scars that prove that we moved on and complete our lives…

The past is so powerful weapon either kills you or helps you to build the life you dream about. Through the past you learn, you create, and explore.

So what’s making me feel stronger is my past and what I’ve lived till now and had experienced, my past has those childhood funny, happy memories, but also has pain, regret, lost and betrayal; still here I’m forgive and move forward learning from that past and be stronger to fight for my dreams and my goals.

We all have strength points, find yours and make it as an alarm to remind you how strong you are and believe that you can move on and achieve your goals.

Find your strength and fight for your dreams. Never give up and never stop believing in yourself and your dreams…

Thank you all for being here and having time to read this, till the next time, stay safe, have cozy warm drinks and live your life; have a nice day, or good night or sweet afternoon wherever you’re in the world. Love you all, smile, be happy, enjoy and live your life. ❤😘


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