The Daily Brew #24 (Change like the Fallen leaves)

Hello everyone, how are you doing? How’s life going so far? I miss you as usual 😀 ❤ Today’s topic is cozy and beautiful, as you are all my favorite people.

So, let’s grab our coffee, tea, or any drink you like and go on a journey full of fallen leaves and golden trees…

Fall is Proof that Change is Beautiful.

Who doesn’t love Fall and wait for the cozy seasons and holidays to come, who doesn’t love to see the leaves change to golden colors? Who doesn’t wait for some spooky stories, some pumpkin spice coffee, or some hot chocolate? Who doesn’t love Halloween costumes, stories, movies, and nights with family and friends?

But most who don’t love the sweaters’ weather? I think all of us love Fall, by one way or another, we all wait for it each ear for our reasons; I read the quote above many times before and always admire how it affects me, that I want to change and make my life better and achieve my goals…

But does change easy as the quotes? No, no one can say it’s easy, and I always say it’s not! but still not impossible; The leaves in Fall show us how beautiful they change to be fresh and new again; it shows us that change needs some sacrifice, some ups, and downs, some wondering, some losing control, and some losing ourselves to find it again, and the most important is some patience.

Life is beautiful as the four seasons, each season has its beauty, and its lesson that teaches us; Fall has that impact on me and on many others, it’s teaching us that even if the change is very difficult but it’s a normal process and beautiful.

Changing is like the fallen leaves, it gets off all your bad habits, all your worst, and changes them to good ones; change now, don’t wait for a new year, or new day, or new month, or new week; begin now, there’s no good time or bad time; there’s now, don’t overthink, find what you want to change and change it.

Find your bad habits and change them, not easy, and it’ll never be easy, I have my own and it makes my life like hell, but changing them will be the reward my life and yours need; change because you deserve better life; remember it’s not easy and won’t be, but it’s not impossible.

Stop wasting time, take it from me, wasting time is what makes it worst, makes it more difficult and unbearable.

It’s a good time to put your goals down, break them into small, mini goals and start changing, start doing, and start working because you deserve a better life and deserve to make your dreams come true.

Thank you all for being here with me, for encouraging me, and for having time to read my posts; thanks for your love; love you all and till the next time smile always, never give up and stay safe. Love you all ❤ ❤ XO XO

P.S the main image of the post is from my photoshoot for Fall ❤ tell me what do you think?


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