The Daily Brew #7

Hello everyone; how are you all? How’s life and the quarantine with you all?

I know it’s been a while now, I didn’t write; I’m not used to writing every single day yet; even writing my diaries and journals; not use to write in them every single day 🙂 but I’m still working on that.

Today’s I want to chat with you about being alone even in between your family and friends; that feeling almost all of us feel, being alone and people who hurt you the most.

So without any further ado, let’s grab our coffee and go; if you’re not in the mood for coffee or don’t like it; tea is good or any other drink you prefer at this moment. 🙂

If you love someone and give him/her of your time to chat and talk; while you give so much to them and later they leave without any reason and even if they have some won’t care much to say those reasons.

You know when you purchase a product and read the expire date; unfortunately people are like that, no one will be with you forever, that’s not mean all are the same or no one will love you as you love them; the thing is that the most think that being attached to someone will hurt them so before they get hurt, they hurt you.

Sometimes those people are from family, friends or lovers; sometimes they are people come to your life and when you attached to them they leave you helpless…

But where’s the issue here? Is it in us, you and me? Or is it in those people?

The thing is that the fault is from both sides, both sides are wrong; why? because simply we give them the right to hurt us and we get attached to them quickly; they are wrong because they know how to get into your weakness and then leave you, hurt you and make you lose your trust in everyone.

Those kind of people are mentally ill, they look for some time to play or for ta desire they wish for or they look for a new person to play with like a doll or something; those kind of people are alone inside out and they found you and became a victim to them, but also you’re not the victim you think you’re; you’re wrong as them.

Why? How? let me tell you this as simple as I can; when you complaining all the time that you’re alone, when you think that the wrong is in you and no one loves you, those thoughts that come to us all; and then someone appears in the picture, comes to you and gets to know you.

Makes you trust them because at this time you’re vulnerable and all you wish for is some care and love; then after giving you a fake love and care they disappear, block you and they vanished.

This happened to me, so I know what I’m saying, it’s one of my bad experiences, but it taught me hardly to learn how to appreciate myself, my loneliness, to value the people who really love me like father, mother, brother or sister or both; like friends, like this one who asks about you every once and while or maybe asks everyday.

This teaches you to open your eyes and look around, you’ll find love and care within you, even if you’re totally alone, no family, no friends, and nothing, love is within you, give it yourself.

Love yourself enough to say no to fake love, no to lies, no to some desires will vanish as fast as a blink; don’t let anyone hurt you, don’t give the right to anyone to push you to your worst side; don’t let yourself be a prey to them.

Love yourself and know that you value a lot, you are so much and deserve the best; don’t humiliate yourself, enough is enough, who blocks you get them out from your life, don’t wait for them; who leaves you without any reason, don’t question anything and learn to leave, to forget and move on.

One day you’ll find that love you deserve, that friend who appreciates you as you’re; one day you’ll make that family you dreamed about, but it’ll happen only when you know your real value and love yourself enough to be alone and happy…

Thank you all for having time to read this; I hope it’s not so messy 😀 I love you all and till the next time be home, be safe, be happy, and be positive; love you all ❤ ❤ XO XO


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