The Daily Brew #20 (Iced coffee and hot weather)

Hello everyone; How are you? first, I want to pray for everyone in Germany, Belgium, India and every country in the world that faces struggles everyday; that faces struggles and surprises; We all pray for you….

Today, I want my talk with you all to be motivational and be funny a little bit, to forget our problems for a while and be together and love each other..

Hello again, Let’s have our iced coffee in this hot weather or maybe you prefer decaf or some ice tea or juice or any drink you prefer in this hot summer day: let’s go together to a trip far from our problems and struggles we face everyday; let’s have some fun and chill a little.

Come with me to a journey this summer and enjoy our drinks; without any further ado let’s fly high and be free from the problems and struggles we have.

Life full of a lot to talk about, but today I want to imagine, not to run from real life, but to build the life I dream about, to build a life we all dream about; imagination isn’t running from reality, it’s building a better reality.

 The man who has no imagination has no wings.

Muhammad Ali

Everyday we face something, some problems live a long time with us, some we face daily, and some we struggle with it for a while; everyday we remember what we don’t have, we cry over what we don’t have, we cry over what we lost and everyday we forget what we own and have and who loves us as we are…

Everyday we forget that we are still alive, breathing, eating, drinking and sleeping and working; everyday we forget it’s a new day, yeah, a new day! a new page in our lives, a new chapter to write, a white clean page to write what we want and what we dream about…

I love Imagination, love to sit and Imagine myself in the life I dream about, smile on my face, and desire to work hard and make this life comes alive and be true.

Imagination isn’t running from facing our struggles and problems, Imagination is the wings that makes us fly high, is the key to freedom, is the love we desire, it’s the life we want, is the heaven we pray for, is the stars that shine or dark sky, is the sun the light the day and warm us in winter, is the sea that soothing and cooling us in summer, is our way to the journey we take to achieve our goals and dreams…

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

Walt Disney

If Walt Disney could imagine and make his imagination become true; what about us? If he built this empire we enjoy since we are kids; so why can’t we build ours? If he made it and made us laugh, cry and love with him; so why we can’t love, cry and laugh with our imagination and dreams?

Laughing is without money, having some good quality time with loved ones or solo priceless; imagination is priceless, dreams don’t ask for money, yet, we have to work hard to achieve them; but if you can dream it, imagine it then you have be it and can make it comes true…

Let’s fly high in that freedom sky, fly between the stars, touching the moon, go to the wonderland where Alice found herself; to the beast where Belle found love; to the ball where Cinderella wore a beautiful dress and glasses shoes; to the woods where Snow white found her best friends the 7 dwarfs; let’s fly high and fall in love.

We live in cruel world, that’s not mean to live a cruel life; that’s not mean to stop dreaming and imagining the life we deserve to have.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

William Arthur Ward

If we have smart phones now, that came because of Imagination and working hard and being crazy; if we have planes, fast cars and trains that came from imagination; if we have now rockets go to the moon, that came from imagination and science; if we have now Internet, laptops and PCs that because of imagination; if we have TVs, electricity and ACs that because of Imagination and being crazy enough to believe in those imaginations and dreams.

Be crazy and imagine, be crazy and believe your dreams, be crazy and be unique; be crazy and different; be crazy and imagine.

We all are crazy anyway, so why not? we all love craziness, we love to enjoy some moments of craziness; so why not? if they did it, se we can do it.

Laugh from your heart, imagine and dream forever and never stop believing, never stop your imagination, never let anyone convince you that you can’t….

Love you all, wherever you’re in this world I love you and wish your life becomes what you dream; thank you all for supporting me, for following me, for reading this and thanks for who passes by and just read a little; love you all and wish to you more happiness; remember to smile even while facing your problems and be grateful; till the next time love you, stay safe, smile and stay positive and laugh and imagine always.

❤ ❤ ❤ XO XO


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