The Daily Brew #15

it’s either learn or win; never lose, losing means giving up…

Hello October

Like the fallen leaves from the trees, life renews itself; like the colors of fall fill the earth, life promises us with new chances everyday….

Life’s Question

They ask you who do you want to be after 5 years? Here comes all the thoughts you never had before…

The Fire Alarm

that question I always hear in the movies, if there’s a fire what you will take first with you???

The Daily Brew #10

Take sometime for your body and yourself because you deserve it and need it the most.

The Daily Brew #9

We are all guilty toward our bodies and minds and sometimes guilty toward people around us…

The Daily Brew #6

Hello Everyone; How are you? How’s life at home? I know it’s hard and you feel bored; I won’t lie, me too even that I’m used to work from home, but now there’s no work and nothing. But That’s not mean we give up or surrender to this situation everyone live in it all over…

The Daily Brew #4

Hello everyone; How are you all? How’s life so far? We are in Egypt having storms and rain all the day; so I’m stuck at home, but that’s not mean we can’t create some content. Oh, let’s grab something hot and warm for this weather; for me always coffee 😀 but if you don’t like…

The Daily Brew #1

Hello everyone to a new thing I want to share it with all of you; here is my micro blog the daily brew; a daily blog for all of you to share my thoughts, lessons and keep in touch with you all.
Hope you love it and follow for more.

Be or not to Be

Hello everyone; how are you all doing? I miss you so much; I know it had been a lot since the last post. Here I’m again trying to pull myself up and get back to work 😀 yeah, I’ve been traveling and will talk about that later in other posts; I was sick, but nowhere…